Pro Gold Infield Mix

Pro Gold Infield Mix

Pro Gold Infield Mix as manufactured by Gail Materials is simply the best quality infield mix available. Our Pro Gold Infield Mix is used in multiple professional and college facilities as well as numerous cities, high schools, and Little Leagues. Pro Gold Infield Mix is not “brick dust” but is an engineered infield mix based on best known science from professional grounds keepers and laboratories that specialize in infield evaluation. Most infield mixes such as “brick dust” are coarsely screened and contain abrasive gravel and course sands. Pro Gold Infield Mix is finely screened at 1.8 mm with gravel and course sands neglible.

Pro Gold Infield Mix comes in two standard blends. Our Pro Gold Infield Mix is a 70:30 blend, which means 70% sand and 30% silt plus clay particles. This is the ideal mix for high school and city park level of play maintenance.  For higher end college and professional facilities our Pro Gold Collegian Infield Mix is the material of choice. It is a 60:40 blend, which means 60% sand and 40% silt plus clay particles. The silt to clay ratio on both of our blends is the preferable .5 – 1. Poor quality infield mixes typically have silt to clay ratio above 1 and they also tend to be coarsely screened.

Pro Gold Infield Mix is also available blended with conditioners.  Our Stabilized Pro Gold Infield Mix is our mix blended with Natracil organic binder. A “stabilized” infield mix has benefit in providing a firm resilient infield skin even after a rain storm. It is the choice of many high school and city fields that have low maintenance and high play. We also offer Pro Gold Infield Mix blended with Red Diamond CC. The blending of infield mix with calcined clay is a widely accepted practice and it is especially asked for by seasoned grounds keepers. 

AutoCAD details and Architectural Specifications are now also available on CAD Details. For further information please contact a Gail Materials representative.

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