Renovation Guidelines for Baseball & Softball Infields

Installing Pro Gold Infield Mix for Renovations


1.     Spread new Pro Gold material across existing infield base that has been thoroughly soaked/pre wet the day before

2.     Rough grade out the new infield mix over the existing infield base

3.     Till in 3 different directions to a depth of 3-4” (know what you have down at tilling depth and beware that it will end up at the surface). You do not want to bring up rocks, or other foreign material that will have a negative effect on playability. To make tilling easier rip field in 2 directions first w/ box blade equipped w/ rippers.

4.     After tilling use a skilled laser grader to properly smooth your new surface. Work edges and cutouts by hand. 

5.     Thoroughly water new infield surface.

6.     The next morning be ready to take advantage of ideal moisture conditions and fine tune where needed. Move mix around or use mix that was hauled off to fill in low areas along edges and in cutouts.  

7.     Nail drag under ideal moisture conditions, follow up w/ finish drag to fine tune grade. Tire roll w/ smooth tires. Repeat process until happy w/ grade or no more low spots.

8.     Apply conditioner (40 bags for high school field) evenly across entire infield surface and water thoroughly.

9.     Nail drag next morning under ideal moisture conditions and finish drag when conditioner starts to dry.

10.   If additional compaction desired at this time roll w/ 1.5 ton roller.

Ideal Moisture Conditions are when you can pick up the material, squeeze it in your hand and make a ball.  The material should not stick to equipment or your hand, but be able to be formed.   Creating these ideal moisture conditions can take practice.

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